Airplane flight over the Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon Airplane Tour

Fly over the vast Grand Canyon in an airplane! Or take a plane from Las Vegas to the Grand Canyon for a day in this magnificent National Park. By plane, you can reach the Grand Canyon in just over 30 minutes, whereas a bus journey would take hours. Flights are often conducted in the deHavilland Vistaliner Twin Otter, an aircraft that accommodates 17 passengers and 2 pilots.

Airplane tour or helicopter tour?

Plane over the Grand Canyon

You can discover the Grand Canyon from the air with either an airplane or a helicopter (check out all helicopter tours here). An airplane flies significantly higher over the Grand Canyon than a helicopter. This provides a less detailed but much broader view of the Grand Canyon.

Additionally, an airplane is much faster, allowing you to cover a larger area. The choice between a Grand Canyon airplane tour or a helicopter tour is thus a personal one.

Highlights of the Grand Canyon Air Tour

This tour picks you up from your hotel in Las Vegas. Then, you fly by plane over the Hoover Dam, Lake Mead, and Grand Canyon West. The total tour lasts about 2 hours from hotel to hotel, with the flight taking approximately 70 minutes.


Las Vegas

Excursion Duration

2 hours


From $199.99 per person

Grand Discovery Air Tour

The Grand Discovery Air Tour departs from Grand Canyon Airport in the town of Tusayan (West Rim). For the first few minutes, you fly over a vast landscape of trees before suddenly diving into the Grand Canyon. A unique experience! The flight lasts 40 to 45 minutes. Since an airplane is much faster than a helicopter, you see an incredible amount, including Zuni Corridor, Imperial Point, Little Colorado Rivers, Kaibab National Forest, and Kaibab Plateau.


Grand Canyon South Rim

Excursion Duration

40 – 45 minutes


From $159 per person

Combine Airplane with other Tours

Want to experience more of the Grand Canyon than just a flight over the Canyon? You can combine a plane flight with various tours, such as a Hummer tour, a visit to the Grand Canyon Skywalk, or a helicopter flight.

Plane from Las Vegas to Grand Canyon + Hummer Tour

Fly by plane from Las Vegas to the Grand Canyon. Upon arrival, you board a Hummer for a 2-hour excursion along various viewpoints.

View the details of this tour here.

Plane Grand Canyon + Hummer Tour

The tour starts from Grand Canyon Airport on the West Rim. You board a plane for a 40 to 45-minute flight over the Grand Canyon. After the flight, you board a Hummer for a 2-hour excursion along highlights.

View the details of this tour here.

Hummer Grand Canyon

Plane from Las Vegas to Grand Canyon + Visit Grand Canyon Skywalk

Fly by plane from Las Vegas to the Grand Canyon Skywalk, a floating glass platform over the edge of the Grand Canyon. After visiting the Skywalk, you fly back to Las Vegas.

View the details of this tour here.

Plane + Helicopter Flight + Boat Trip Grand Canyon

Depart from Las Vegas for a 7-hour adventure in the Grand Canyon. You are picked up from your hotel and flown to the Grand Canyon West Rim. Upon arriving at the West Rim, you board a helicopter that takes you to the bottom of the Grand Canyon. Then, you embark on a boat for a peaceful sail on the Colorado River.

View the details of this tour here.

Grand Celebration Tour

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