Renting a Pickup in America

Renting a Dodge RAM or Ford F-150 in America

Pickups are extremely popular among Americans. For years, the Ford F-150 has been the best-selling vehicle in America, and the Dodge RAM is also incredibly popular.

When you’re in America, it’s really fun to rent a typical American car. You could consider a Ford Mustang or, if you need more space, a typical American pickup.

Compare all car rental companies carefully. Not all car rental companies offer pickups. Additionally, prices can vary significantly. Through AutoEurope, you can compare all major car rental companies, including Hertz, Alamo, Sixt, and Enterprise.

America is a big country designed for big cars. You don’t need to worry about parking such a large pickup. The V8 is very comfortable to drive, and there’s plenty of space in the double cabin. But above all, it’s a typical USA experience to cruise down the highway in such a big vehicle.

Where can I rent a Dodge RAM or Ford F-150?

At, you can easily rent a pickup in America. The pickups fall under the “LUXURY / CONVERTIBLE” category. After selecting this category, you scroll through all the cars and find the Dodge RAM or Ford F-150.

The Ford and Dodge are in the same category, and at the rental location (usually the airport), you can choose a car from this category in the parking garage that meets your requirements. There’s no guarantee of a specific model. It’s up to the rental company to offer you a suitable car within the rented category.

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Dodge RAM pick-up rent in America

How much space do you have in a pickup?

A Ford F-150 or Dodge RAM is a very large vehicle. However, the space is not very efficiently used because of the huge back compartment, which is often not closed.

Traveling with 2 people? Then there’s no problem at all. There’s more than enough room on the back seat for your suitcases and bags. However, if you’re traveling with a family of two or three children, a pickup might be less practical. All your luggage would need to go in the open back compartment. In that case, it might be better to rent a Full Size SUV with a ‘normal’ closed trunk.