Discover the beauty of the Grand Canyon

One of the most beautiful national parks in America!

Discover the grand canyon in america

Helicopter Flight

A helicopter flight over the Grand Canyon is a very special experience. The Grand Canyon is one of the most beautiful and impressive national parks in America. You fly with a helicopter over gorges with depths of up to over 1,800 meters.


The Grand Canyon Skywalk is a glass viewing platform suspended over the Grand Canyon. Walk out 22 meters over the Grand Canyon, which is 300 to 400 meters deep, for a unique experience!

Grand Canyon Tours

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Skywalk Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon Skywalk

Floating glass platform over the Grand Canyon The Grand Canyon Skywalk is a floating glass platform above the Grand Canyon. Walk out…

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Welcome to one of the most beautiful national parks in America, the Grand Canyon. My name is Pieter, and in 2008, I made my first trip to the USA. What an experience! In 2010, 2019, 2020, 2022, and 2023, I had the opportunity to travel to this special country again. My interest in travel, America, and the beautiful nature has led to the creation of this website. Hopefully, all the information contributes to the preparation of your road trip through America and your visit to the Grand Canyon!

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Discover the impressive Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon is a deep and steep gorge located in Grand Canyon National Park in the state of Arizona. Over millions of years, the Colorado River has carved the deep gorges of the Grand Canyon. With a length of over 435 kilometers and a width of 15 to 29 kilometers, it is an imposing area to explore.

If you’re in the western part of America, a visit to the Grand Canyon is practically a must. Most visitors travel to the Grand Canyon South Rim. At the South Rim, you have various viewpoints, and you’ll find the Grand Canyon Visitor Center, which offers a lot of information about the park. At the South Rim, you also find the towns of Grand Canyon Village and Tusayan with hotels, restaurants, and other facilities such as a small airport.